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The Tweeted Times Has Been Acquired by Yandex

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We are happy to share that Yandex has purchased The Tweeted Times. Using technologies acquired through this purchase, Yandex plans to boost its search and content services with information from social networks. The startup’s team also joined Yandex.

The service continues to function on the current domain after its acquisition by Yandex.

The Tweeted Times team and Anton Zabannykh (Yandex)


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August 26, 2011 at 12:05 pm

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Promote yourself on Twitter with The Tweeted Times’ new “Promote” feature

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Quite a lot of people on Twitter choose to post on their professional topics only. They create a community around their Twitter account where they share and discuss news related to their professional interests. The same idea is being practiced by many business accounts: they share and discuss stories on topics relevant to their businesses building up a community. Check out, for example, @zappos, @starbucks and projects like @hadapt and @vertica. There is also a “hybrid” way: “people share links during the day and talk about work, and then go home to tweet about what’s on TV and what we’re doing with our families. It’s a relationship-heavy approach that mixes both the professional and the spice of life tweets.”

We have created ‘Promote’ feature for such Twitter users who build communities of interest on Twitter. Using it, one can boost their Twitter activity by automatically posting important news on a selected topic.

Here is how it works. On, you can create a thematic newspaper on any topic of your interest. Look, for example, at this ‘gamification’-newspaper or this ‘Quora’-newspaper. Your thematic newspaper can be built upon a Twitter search query, or based on a Twitter list, like this newspaper of wine-related Twitter list: The TweetedTimes back-end continuously processes the Twitter stream to pick out the most important news on the selected topic, it creates a newspaper for you where all news are ranked by popularity, and the top story is always one of the most prominent recent news on the topic. So, now you can ask the TweetedTimes to tweet the top story from your thematic newspaper automatically from your account every time when the top story updates. Thus, providing your followers with the most important news on the topic.

Find the new ‘Promote’ feature in the top right corner of any Twitter newspaper.

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April 12, 2011 at 4:59 pm

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A new version of The Twitter released

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We are happy to announce that we have just released a new version of,  personalized real-time news service. Please note, we have changed the name to The Tweeted Times

The Tweeted Times generates a newspaper from your twitter account, collecting all news posted by your friends and representing them in an easy-to-read newspaper format. The key feature of The Tweeted Times: sophisticated filtering and ranking algorithms to deal with information overload. Our algorithms identify the most significant news in the user’s Twitter stream so that you will never miss anything important checking the newspaper only once or twice a day. The Tweeted Times collect tweets from your second circle of friends as well and provides serendipitous experience: news posted by friends of your friends are still relevant to you, yet we rank them with a lower weight. The Tweeted Times newspapers are being updated hourly.

New in this version:

  1. Newspapers created from Twitter lists. Twitter lists produce topical streams, but they are not used by many Twitter users because these streams are still too noisy. The Tweeted Times makes Twitter lists really useful. It selects the most important news posted to the list, turning it into an interesting topical newspaper. For better ranking in list-based newspapers, we consider tweets from members of the list as well as list’s subscribers.The Tweeted Times is integrated with TList so that users can easily find lists on any topic of interest.
    Every user is allowed to create up to 10 twitter-list newspapers. For example, check out newspapers based on @Scobleizer/most-influential-in-tech and @MoneyMatters/personal-finance
  2. Newspapers created from any search query on Twitter. It is often useful to see everything discussed about a trending topic at a glance. The Tweeted Times retrieves the most tweeted links in the search result. The user can create newspaper based on a search query (for example, a trending topic on Twitter, or any topic of your personal interest).For example:
  3. Ability to find and bookmark newspapers of other users. You can explore and search existing newspapers using convenient browsing interface. For example, you can find newspapers of interesting people like Tim O’Reilly @timeoreilly or Esther Dyson @edyson.

The new version is now live on the Web: Enjoy!

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January 19, 2011 at 7:33 pm

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